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Since 2009, National Referral Network has been bringing businesses together by creating successful networking referral programs for the real estate, health, fitness and other industries.





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Our Referral Program gives you the opportunity to:


  • Build profitable relationships with the professionals from the real estate or fitness industries.
  • Be found online by potential customers or home owners.
  • Have your "message" distributed by professionals within your community through our presentation folders.
  • Gain an advantage over your competitors.


How we differ from other advertising programs:


  • Our program focuses on not only print media but also on online marketing and networking events.
  • We offer the opportunity for exclusivity, and we honour it.
  • We guarantee the launch and arrival of the folders in record time: 60-90 days after the completion date of the sales period.
  • Our graphic design team is the best in the business. They're talented professionals who respond quickly to your every call.
  • We commit ourselves and our resources to ensuring the highest product quality and service. We make more than promises. We make commitments!

Networking is more than just a buzz word.

It's probably the best opportunity you'll ever have to make connections and build relationships.

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