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Generate business opportunities with Realtors and home owners. ---------

Real estate brokers need to work with many qualified vendors during the process of helping their clients buy and sell their properties.


Whether getting a bathroom remodeled, carpets cleaned, staging a home before setting it up for sale or even having a simple plumbing job done, nothing gives a homeowner more peace of mind than knowing that the professional doing the work is trusted and reputable.

Realtors can be a great benefit to your business and accelerate growth; they also generate more referrals than any other profession.

Our Mission ---------

is to help you as a professional increase your business through a structured professional referral marketing program that facilitates you to develop long-term business relationships with real estate brokers.

Real Estate

Referral Partnership Program

Depending on each individual program,

here are a few products and services that may be included:

  • Networking event
  • One on one business presentation to Realtors
  • Online / Website / Facebook / Exposure
  • Ad in real estate presentation folders
  • Business cards displayed in realty office
  • Digital Ad on TV screen in realty office

Here are a few benefits of targeted networking with Realtors:

  • Generate business opportunities with real estate brokers and home owners.
  • Gain recognition within the Real Estate community
  • Target Home Owners
  • Establish long term business relationships with Realtors
  • Encourage referrals between partners
  • Forge lucrative partnerships

Without exception, National Referral Network carefully selects partners that share our values to network with Realtors. ---------

Here are just a few preferred vendor categories that cater to the real estate industry that Realtors need to establish a relationship with to help their clients before, during and after the sales transaction:

Realtors Need Trusted Partners



Notary / Lawyer

Insurance broker

Interior Designer

Home Inspector

Painting Contractor


General Contractor

Foundation Crack Repair Specialist

Roofing Contractors


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